The Groom


The Bride


Meet Eliu & Zuri

I absolutely enjoyed shooting Eliu & Zuri's wedding. The day was bright and with a rich blue sky, the guests showed great excitement for the moment to come. I shot this wedding in the famous city of Los Angeles, California. Emotions ran high, final details were falling into place, the guests were getting settled to their places, and the pastor had just arrived at the humble home. And with a deep breath, Eliu and Zuri took the center as the pastor began his speech. The moment had finally arrived!

The Wedding Ceremony

Officially Tied The Knot!

After a beautiful wedding ceremony, Eliu and Zuri are now husband and wife! Congratulations! May God bless them both and may God also give them strength and many more blessings in this new chapter! After shedding a couple of happy tears and greeting friends and family now we are ready to head over to LACMA and shoot some wedding photos!

LACMA Photoshoot

The end of a Blessed Day and many more to come!

I'm going to miss these two, as they move to another state and into their new home, I wish these two the best! God Bless them two and their families! I wish to hear from them soon!

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