The Groom - Rafael

Meet Rafael-or aka Rafa for short. I've known Rafa for quite a while now and had been the first person within his family to reach out to me so I could photograph his civil and religious wedding. Rafa is a great guy with a great sense of humor and was always cracking up jokes during the civil wedding. "Hide all the exits before he escapes!" I had said. Haha, and as you can see in the photo, he thought a scooter was the best choice of transport when trying to run away from his civil wedding. "Nope, you're not running away! You live here!" Haha.

The Bride - Anna

And here's Rafa's Bride-to-Be, Anna. Anna is a very nice and gentle person. She was always chatting with the guests there and clung closely to Rafael. Probably to make sure he wouldn't escape!

The Civil Wedding

May 15th, 2021

There's no place like Home

The civil wedding took place behind a quiet home in their backyard. Backyard weddings are always very nice, especially when inviting only your closest friends and keeping the mood casual and easy-going. The backyard was nicely decorated with cute pink flowers and a nice green hedge background. I always enjoy nice small places like these, friends are huddled nearby, and the environment is always welcoming. If you happen to be planning out a backyard wedding, it's a very great idea!

The Religious Wedding Day

May 22nd, 2021

Here comes the Bride!

The excitement is high, and without a doubt my pal Rafa was nervous. I was there to help prepare a few details prior to the wedding and friendly smiles. Chairs were set, flower arrangements were almost ready, and the tables were ready to go. All that was left was Anna to start walking down the walkway. The moment was beautiful and after hearing a few words of advice from a pastor, a few tears were shed and Rafa and Anna were now officially married.

Flowers always help make an event pop. And the arrangements for this event definitely helped the event stand out. I was lucky enough to be invited to photograph the event but my mother was also invited to collaborate in the event! My mother has a small business making flowers and was also called on to make flower arrangements for Rafa & Anna's Wedding. Check out the photos below of her arrangements and check out her Instagram as well!

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The Noriega House

The Noriega House was nothing short of amazing. With a historical story behind the house, it was built in the year 1900! Designed in a vintage era, this home is an amazing place to take photos and host special events in. The interior is classy and their outdoor garden is perfect for the guests to hang around in. The staff there was always very friendly and super helpful, and the food there was absolutely amazing! I had a taste of their stake and it was delicious. Rafa definitely made a great choice when choosing the wedding location!

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A Succesful Event

I personally had a great time at this wedding. Not just because I had the opportunity of photographing my fellow friends, but the wedding was beautiful, humble, and filled with laughs and tears of joy. I congratulate Rafael and Anna on starting off a new and exciting chapter in their lives and thank them for letting me be a part of it. I'll definitely continue my photographic journey with these two and will hopefully hear from them soon!

Rafael + Anna


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