Ready. Set. Let's Go!

I love traveling around with my Family in my Tacoma. And having planned out to Canada meant I was about to test the limits of what my little white truck can do. I'm absolutely blessed to take on this road trip with my parents and my little brother and take advantage of the free days we had off before Christmas. The plan was to head out straight to Seattle and travel along the 5 freeways and visit any places we saw interesting along the way. We've already visited Santa Barbara and Santa Maria together before, so we decided to head straight to Redding, California, and see what adventures await us there.

The Turtle's Bridge

The drive actually wasn't eventful on our way to Redding, California. The day had been raining almost throughout our entire drive there. And by the time we were almost arriving at Redding, California we decided to slow down and arrive at a hotel nearby. The next morning was a beautiful foggy morning. Perfect for creating moody, subtone photographs. I like to take advantage of weather like this because the clouds create a "lightbox" effect. Time to take out my camera and see what I can find...

Sundial Glass Bridge

You know, what I enjoy about photography and traveling is when you find an interesting location and take good photos. Sundial Bridge happened to be that location. A bridge made out of glass, and steel cables. At first glance, it seems like a simple bridge, but once actually standing on the bridge, it's a really amazing result of clever engineering. With over 200 tons of glass, and 4,300 feet of steel cable! Moody day, flat lighting, and a cool-looking bridge to photograph? Alright! Now I wonder... if the Sundial Bridge can actually tell time like a real sundial, you know like in the old days... Hmm...

The Space Pin

aka the Space Needle

Places Visited

Liked any of the locations I visited? Here's a grid of links with photos that you can check out if you're interested in visiting these places!