Abdiel & Adna

The Start of a Beautiful New Chapter

Meet Abdiel & Adna. Two of the kindest people I know. When I first arrived in Chicago, IL, Abdiel's father was waiting for me to take me to Peoria IL, where the wedding ceremony was going to take place. I've never been to the state of Illinois, but my experience in Chicago was absolutely amazing because of these two and their family and friends. Abdiel & Adna got married in a humble home someplace south of Chicago, where emotions ran high and blessings were abundant.

The Outdoor Photo Shoot

After the Wedding Ceremony, Abdiel & Adna wanted to take a few photos outside in the snow. We were actually pretty lucky that the wedding ceremony was pushed an hour earlier, so that meant that the time between the ceremony and the party was perfect to take photos. And luckily we spotted a great location covered in snow where the photos came out amazing!

The Wedding Party

Let's Celebrate the Newly Weds!

After driving around taking photos near the venue, it was time for the couple to make their entrance. Guests were anxiously waiting for them to arrive and we were getting ready to enter. The moment the couple entered, Everyone cheered and clapped for Abdiel and Adna, what an unforgettable moment for these two!

The Journey Begins

After a very long wedding day, lots of laughs, jokes, and a very delicious dinner... trust me it was very good 👌🏻 . We finished the night with unwrapping gifts and chatting between friends and family. Overall, the wedding was such a great experience and amazing. Abdiel & Adna have just started their journey together, but with God's help, they'll overcome many obstacles and live a blessed and prosperous life together. God Bless these two!

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