A Blessed Moment Filled with Gratitude

The Light of The World Church is always filled with beautiful blessings and is constantly a witness of God's Gifts. On this day, Jabnet makes a promise upon the presence of God and his Church who were present that day to be the witnesses of her decision. Her decision is to be baptized and to remain part of the Church Of God. Praise the Lord!

Many more Blessings to come

The Light Of The World Church never forces anyone to make a decision as the one Jabnet took. The decision to serve the Lord should purely come from one's personal free will and conviction. The result of everlasting teachings and endless love of God that is only found in The Light Of The World Church. Many like our friend Jabnet start their spiritual path to serve God, may God Bless her, give her strength and wisdom to continue on this spiritual journey that has many many blessings in her future.

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